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The Alex Johnston Reference Library holds an important and wide-ranging collection of material on esotericism; comparative religion; philosophy; psychology; spiritually-based scientific paradigms; and other subjects. Much of our library content is original with some dating back to the 18th and 19th Centuries. We also constantly seek to augment our collection with works relating to new paradigms currently pouring forth from various sources, reiterating many ancient ideas and esoteric principles. On this basis, our library is well equipped to meet the demands of academics, students and the general public.

At the present time, the Library and Study Room are open on Thursday between the hours of 10.30 am and 6.45 pm with last admission at 6.15 pm. These facilities are also available at other times by appointment.  Call 07815557406 or email We also offer an in-house search facility for anyone unable to visit our library – for this service, we suggest a donation to the Library, however, the inability to make a donation shall not prevent us from offering you assistance.

Each of the Boxes listed on our Home page and Books page holds all of the material as referenced by the Box Headings. All books in each “parent box” are the same colour.  Once you drill down you can choose an author and all the material held relating to that author will appear. If you drill down again into individual books you will find the publisher and date of the publication where known. The Red Magnifying Glass on all Pages allows for an Author Search on all material held. Our Books page also holds a facility that allows for a complete Excel download of all of the books held in our Library to your own device.