Approaching the Secret Doctrine by Pablo Sender

This latest work by the Theosophical writer and lecturer Pablo Sender is designed to assist students in engaging with the content of H. P. Blavatsky’s classic work. In this respect, the author states:

“Approaching The Secret Doctrine was written to address issues and difficulties commonly encountered by students studying the SD. Focusing on the first volume, which is the most abstract and metaphysical of the two [Cosmogenesis vs Anthropogenesis), this book has three main goals: (i) to explore how the SD may be studied in ways that are not limited to providing conceptual learning, but that also help students to awaken their spiritual intuition; (ii) to examine the main teachings of the first volume of the SD and present them in a concise and systematic way; and (iii) to show how these teachings, even the remote and metaphysical, can become a foundation for spiritual practice in daily life.” — Pablo Sender

This book, which is shortly to be added to Pablo’s other works held in our library collection, is available on Amazon.